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The second wave of literature to hit the site, again, do not take anything from here and claim it as yours.

Don't Care

Witness the cycle of self destruction

A symbol of my corruption

A burning desire to see myself fail

I see my self turn pale

I just dont care anymore

My heart is all worn out, its broken down and sore

Theres a fire inside my head

Burning all of the tears that I've yet to shed

House of a thousand frowns

Feeling the thorns upon my crowns

I've given up on everything

I'm so sick of the sting

So angry about feeling left behind

So sad about feeling unkind

I dont care what happens to this game

Every single ending is just the same

Pour my sweat and blood into a cup

And still theres no way to fill it up

I just dont fucking anymore

My soul is all used up, beaten and battered, it's a whore

Theres no way I could make it through

No fucking way I'll live to see you

I dont want to remember

My easy surrender

I yield to the torment

I fall dorment

I let out a fake laugh

I dont feel my better half

There is nothing behind these tired eyes

Nothing at all, except for the great wall of lies

A gentle breeze kicks in

A reminder of where I've been

There was a warm place

I had it in your face

But its gone now

I'll never see it again, I know this somehow

I know that I will eventually breakdown

I know that it will be a shattering sound

And it wont matter because I just dont care

It still dosent strike me as unfair

It dosent matter what I think anyway

No one listens to what I have to say

Despite every warning, blind eyes see me, deaf ears hear me

When I'm gone I wonder how much better they'll be

Through it all

I have barely managed to crawl

There is nothing left to gain

By enduring all of this endless pain

So it is, with an extremely heavy heart

That we must now part

Goodbye everyone

Have fun

A Little More Than Somewhat Damaged
Tipping the bottle to wash it down 
Such strong feelings will make me drown 
Everything becomes a blur 
Its hard to have loved and lost her 
The anger comes in 
Reminds me of the life of sin 
A little more than somewhat damaged 
Still trying to figure out what happened 
The screams dont even help anymore 
I'll never know what its all happened for 
Two years down the drain 
Two years that drill a hole in my brain 
Surround by friends 
They know how it all ends 
Even as they hold me still 
My anger and madness havent had their fill 
Memories filter through the mind 
Not all of them are very kind 
Its the nice ones that hurt 
The nice ones that make me feel like dirt 
Never did feel very well 
Its worse now that I have to go to hell 
I was held the whole night 
Even as I put up a fight 
Its hard to say sorry 
I created so much worry 
Should I ever be seen again? 
I should go away then 
Its so hard to forget 
Especially the love that I met 
Am I insane? 
Should I slit the vein? 
I still remember 
Even though I try to forget her 
This nightmare will never go away 
It haunts me, even in the day 
Im slowly fading into nothing 
And I dont care enough to do something 
So goodbye my friends 
This is how it all ends

All Alone

Took twenty pills just the other day
Pathetic attempt to make it all go away
There is a disease inside my head
It wont stop until Im dead
Dont want to get better
Its time to write the goodbye letter
No one will know what Im feeling anymore
Ive come to release that Im such a bore
Always told that Im hardheaded
A phrase that my memory has embedded
Always trying to find a way to end
Death will always be my friend
There is always a way to cope
There is always hope
No truth in those words for me
No chance that Im free
Falling into the void
A fall that I couldnt avoid
I cant hear past the noise
I cant find my voice
Im always down
My face always has a frown
Tried so hard to be good
I would try harder if I could
Everything inside of me turns to stone
Reminds me of why Im alone
There is no way through this
I wont be saved by a kiss
Even in the depths of my loneliness
Im reminded of my conscienciousness
Seems like Im supposed to feel this way
Its what I feel everyday
It will snow here for the rest of my life
I know I will be in constant strife
Its never going to be fine
My sorrow ages as wine
Its so lonely here in hell
I dont feel very well
Im sick inside
All the pieces have died
A festering slime pit
I wish I could just finish it
Id love to know what it means to be happy
All I will ever know is melanchololy
I die in my dreams and live in my nightmares
The truth of the matter is that no one cares
Neither do I

Born into loneliness and into loneliness I die


I am so sick, so fucking tired
I want to sleep, I dont want to feel wired
I want my eyes closed forever
Theres a sadness here that you will discover

I hate being awake, I want to stay in bed
I hate being alone, especially inside my head

Working every part of myself to the bone

A melancholy that has grown

Oh so tired I am, and there is nothing that will help

Tired everywhere, most of all in my head, something I shouldnt have felt

Get up early, come home late

Oh curse my wretched fate

My insides are turning gray

I havent seen day

I hate this life, I hate myself

I want to destroy everything, including my health

I want to feel my insides rotting away

I want to feel blood turn gray

Flung against the wall

A desire to break it all

And still I crave sleep

A wish that I always keep

Night falls on an empty bed

Night falls on this living dead

Im there to see the sun rise

Im there with tears in my eyes

I want to be home

I want to be, but dont want to be alone

I am so fucking tired, my God it wont stop

I am so fucking tired, my God I'm going to pop

I hate this feeling

I hate this needing

Oh God, I'm so tired

Oh God, why haven't you been fired?

And I still cant sleep at night

And I still cant sleep even where theres no light
I cant sleep before 2 a.m.

I cant sleep, and its happening over and over again

I wish there was an eclipse

Maybe it could help me get through this

Hoping for a miracle

Hoping for an eyeful

Where did the days go where I could smile?

What happened to me? I havent felt good in awhile

And where did God go?

He hates us all, why dosent anyone know?

The times have changed

A failure for me has been arranged

I cant believe that I miss being with someone

I cant believe that I miss the fun

Well Im all alone now

And it has to be this way, I know this somehow

I will never sleep

A promise I will never keep

A promise to be happy

A promise to be free

And as I shut my eyes for the last time,

I think of one last rhyme

Its so beautifully dead

Here, inside my head


As I lay upon the bed of roses, I listen to the sounds of the waterfall

Such a powerful yet majestic force, a beauty that encompasses all

A melancholy soflty lands upon me

A peace that dosent yet set me free

The soft cries of the birds above

The soft cries of those in love

It is so beautiful here

There should be nothing to fear

I feel as if I dont belong

I yearn to be apart of this throng

The mists have settled themselves upon the ground

I feel as if I were lost and never found

The music of a violin quietly playing its requiem

Suits the feeling that this is all a dream

I stand atop the edge of the falls

Listening to the sound of the water call

A smile forms softly

Making the choice freely

I spread my arms at this wonderful sight

And now as I plunge, I take flight


Lost in a sea of pain
Lost among the arrogant and vain
Lost among the hopeless
Lost among the careless
Trapped below, trapped with the stained
Nowhere to go, always contained
Wary of anything new

Confused, dont know what to do

Beaten and battered
Tired, broken down, and haggard

Given up, never gonna try again
Given up, goodbye my sweet friend

Holding three hour conversations with myself

Leaving everything behind on a single shelf

Repeated messages over and over

Repeated rejections from a lover

Left behind, and it hurts
Left behind, and I'm cursed

I have wronged and been wronged

And for eternity I have longed

For the day the pain will go away
But it wont happen because its here to stay

Now the typewriter chronicles the last thing left for me
"I will close my eyes and take a plunge, a return to the sea"

Shower Of Pain
I'm in a shower of razors
Cutting my skin
It hurts, but it dosen't hurt
The water turns red with my blood
Crimson lines criscross my skin
It almsot feels good to die
Tired of finding a hole to cry in
Everytime I look into the mirror
I see the same sad face
Its amazing how two years are wasted
I'm so angry, I'm so sad, I have so much to say
I hate seeing through these ugly brown eyes
I am so lost in my head
I'm back at the mirror and I see a zombie
I have this wonderful blank stare
I want to slit my throat and drink my blood
I want to rip off my skin and pour salt on my body
I want to drown in a sea of needles
I want someone to notice
I want to scream until my lungs burst and blood comes out of my mouth
I want to rip my eyes out of their sockets
I want to rip off my scalp and nail it to the wall
I want to break every bone in my body and lie in never ending pain
I want to bash my head in with a bat
I want to stick a gun to my mouth and pull the trigger
I want to tear my face off and burn it
I want to run rusted hooks through my flesh
I want to pull my teeth out with pliers
I want to hit my kneecaps with a hammer
I want to drive a knife through my heart
I want to watch myself waste away painfully
I want to rip out my spine
I want to dive into a pool of acid
I want to feel flames burning away my flesh
I want to feel the stings of millions of insects all over me
I want to laugh while I die
I want to vomit up my organs
I want to run a chainsaw through my stomach
I want to jump off a bridge
I want to wakeup from this nightmare
I want to feel loved again
I want to make everyone know my hate