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Xbox Vs. Ps2 vs. Gamecube, What does the next generation hold in store for us?

This is the list of game systems that I currently own:
Sega Genesis
Sega Saturn
Sega Dreamcast
Super Nintendo
Gameboy Advance
Sony Playstation
Sony Playstation 2
Microsoft Xbox
Nintendo Gamecube

Well, the PS2 is out in the US and is one of the hottest systems out right now. But a new kid on the block has come along to take Sony's place, Microsoft. Awhile ago, Microsoft revealed its plans to create its own next generation console, this console has evolved into the Xbox, the most powerful home console ever created. Howeve, Microsoft isnt the only one looking to take its place as the king of systems. Veteran console company, Nintendo is ready to release its Gamecube, which evolved from its original "Dolphin" project. While Gamecube may not be the most powerful system on the block, it has some support, and a few good game franchises to back it up. Add that to the fact that Nintendo has been in the console business longer than Microsoft and Sony, and you could have a serious winner on your hands.

Xbox - Microstf's Xbox has the muscle to produce incredible looking graphics. Its techinally the most advancded out of all of the next generation systems. Microsoft wants at least 15-20 launch titles avaible during Xbox's November launch. Microsoft states that its motto is "quantity over quality." They dont want to make the same mistake sony did by releasing the system will too few quality games. Xbox has many great features going for it, a harddrive, usb support, and many other interesting peripherals make the Xbox and enticing choice for power-savvy gamers.

Playstation 2- Sony's Playstation 2, a followup to its immensely succesful Playstation is the obvious favorite in the console wars. With its impressive graphics, dvd drive, and huge 3rd party, Sony looks to be the clear winner, but stiff competition from Microsoft and Nintendo may change all that. At its launch, Playstation sold out in all stores, however, its launch titles were lackluster, and some shipments were plagued with bugs. Add that to the fact that Sony had trouble making a second shipment, it may have alienated many gamers expecting more out this company, especially when considering the success of the original playstation. Sony, however, does have one ace in its bag, Metal Gear Solid 2, this one game alone is the reason many gamers purchased the playstation, this follow up to the origianl hit Metal Gear Solid, the sequel is very impressive indeed. Having played it personally, I can say that it looks to be worth the wait.

Gamcube- Perhaps the underdog next generation system, Gamecube nonetheless has manged to aquire a decent amount of 3rd pary support, and looks to have some good games available for its players. Mostly classified as a "kiddy" system, Gamecube mey not be too popular with the teenage crowd beczuse of Nintendo's immensely popular Pokemon franchise. The Gamecube hardware itself has pulled out some very impressive graphics that easily top the PS2 and rivals some XBOX games. Nintendo however, is a veteran company, and may use its experience to its advantage. Besides, they always got Zelda.

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Well, what do you think of the next generation system wars? Will they produce top quality games, or is it a battle of the franchises? Contact me with your thoughts.