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In this section, I'm putting up my own works of literature, it's a small window into my head, enjoy it while I last... (all of these works are written by me and are copyright, steal it and you'll be breaking copyright law, so think twice)

Change You

I've tried to change you when you thought you were ugly inside

Now you think that you've hurt me, and you're destroying yourself

I killed you without killing you

I caused your death, and now I have to take revenge on myself

I never meant to hurt you, but I have, and now it's time for me to die

I always thought you were the stronger one... I was right

But you didn't believe it, and I took away your strength

Now I'm taking away my existence, I'm going straight to hell

I've done too much evil, so now God is going to deal with me himself

I can't wait to see the bastard, I'll kill him just like I killed myself...

In your own words, "Goodbye, I'll love you always"

Last Stand

I woke up today feeling like I always do, dead inside, dead to the world

But this time, I woke up with an urge to make myself dead outside too

This is just to let you know thats what I did

Mental Collapse

Run... Run... RUN!!

Panting, desperate, he tries to get away...

No matter how fast he runs, it still keeps up with him

Can't look back... He turns anyway... NO!! Can't let it win

Can't let it catch up, can't, just can't

Can't look back, looking back anyway...

Still running, running, running... from himself

All In A Day

I woke up just as I always do, but something was different today. I didn't hear anyone else which is strange, because everyone wakes up before I do. I checked around the house, but no one was there. Hhhmmm... maybe they went out. It's happened before, but they always left a note... there wasn't one today.

I cleaned up, got dressed and walked out. The block was completely empty, another strange occurance. I closed my eyes and listened. Nothing... absolute quiet, not a single sound, not a bird, not the wind... nothing. Everyone and everything was gone! Panicking, I ran up to the closetest house, and rang the bell like crazy. I did this on the whole block, then the next, then the next, and the next. Not a single person home.

By this time I was ready to try anything, I broke into one of the houses, and to my complete shock, it was literally empty. No furniture, no wallpaper, nothing. It looked as if the house was just built. I ran out and went back home. To my horror, my house was also empty! But everything was there this morning! All my things, my clothes, my furniture. All... gone within 3 minutes.

Then I realized the truth... the entire world disappeared. Families, governments, workers, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, children, all gone. The only thing left were the houses which stood as a testament to remind the earth that it was once inhabited. Everyone except for me had disappeared... all in a day.

Pretty Hate Machine
Just look at its beauty
It is truly a marvel
Its smooth edges, razor sharp
Its smile, wickedly beautiful
It will slice you into pieces
It will cut holes into you
I don't give a shit if its mean
I love my pretty hate machine

A Warm Place
There is a beautiful field
When I'm in it, all my wounds are healed
I can finally breathe
Now I can actually believe
For once, the mirror will not shatter
I am not left to scatter
Its not cold anymore
I'm not as dead as before
The birds are singing a song
I've been waiting to hear it for so long
I can feel your hands touching my face
Finally, we're in a warm place

The Line

Slicing a line across the skin

Slicing a line to erase the sin

A life gone by in minutes

A life gone by with no visits

Nothing left to say

No one left to play

Nothing left to do

No ones here, not even you

So tired of being sad

So tired of being mad

Always feel so weak

Always feel so meak

Cant tear down the wall

Cant face the mirror in the hall

Lost in the shadow of hate

Lost in the shadow of fate

Forgotten dreams

Forgotten screams

Beaten and bruised

Beaten and confused

In awe of darkness

In awe of awareness

The line is cut, celebrate

The line is cut, there is more to hate

Years from now, this wont matter

Years from now, it couldnt be sadder

Ask a question, are you happy?

Ask a question, are you free?

Attracted to things unknown

Attracted to things never shown

The line continues to crawl

The line continues on the wall

Why is it always this way?

Why is it always a memory of yesterday?

Compassion is lost on me

Compassion is all a memory

Images shatter

Images scatter

There is a meaning to this

There is a meaning to bliss

Tragicly beautiful

Tragicly bountiful

This pain

This game

The line reaches its end

The line rounds the bend

So I am lost

So I am gone, and there is no cost