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With Teeth

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Nine Inch Nails - With Teeth


She comes along

She gets inside

She makes you better than, anything you've tried

It's in her kiss

The blackest sea

And it burns deeper than you dare to dream it could be...

With Teeth...

Staring at the sun, blinded the light
I'm fading out of sight
Sunspots are casting a glare in my eyes
Leaving behind echoes of all the lies
With Teeth
She will not let you go
With Teeth
She bites down harder
With Teeth
And I feel that I'm getting smaller
The charade grows taller
The blackest sea is not so pretty now
But we love her anyhow
And she grabs on tighter
With Teeth
She slips around you
With Teeth
And why did you get all the love in the world?
I stood watch while it all unfurled
You know what you are? The collector
I don't want to taste your bittersweet nectar
With Teeth
Bite the hand that feeds
With Teeth
Everything is right where it belongs
With Teeth
Everday is exactly the same
It only brings more shame
I wish it werent just me whose only
That one thats always this lonely
But love is not enough
And it will only get rough
With Teeth
I wish I could go home
With Teeth
The line begins to blur
With Teeth
I'll be beside you in time
With Teeth
I am right where I belong, no one can see me
I am a non-entity...
With Teeth