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The third in the series of poetry, all copyright warnings apply here as well. Forgive my redundancy.


Beneficial Suicide
I'm stuck in this cage
Death came to me at an early age
I make a fist
As I slash my wrist
Back at the beginning
I never really was winning
Oh, I feel like dying tonight
Wish I had wings that I could spread and take flight
I feel so low
Every cry for help has been answered with no
Maybe there is a beneficial suicide
When I was born, my mother cried
She was happy that day
But I took all her pride away
Maybe my family is dead because of me
Maybe I'm just too blind to see
I want someone to hold me
I want someone to love me
Dont walk this road
I'm a heavy load
Heh, beneficial suicide
The only words that haven't lied

Barb Wire (Based on picture of Trent Reznor to the left)

Wrap the wires around my skin
Use it to drown my sin
Cuts my flesh
Oh this mesh
I close my eyes
Forget the lies
Its beautifully dead
Here inside my head
The blood runs out like the sea
Running, running out of me
Look down and smile
Haven't felt this good in awhile
Going down into the darkness
Sinking deeper into my thoughtlessnee
This is the day
I gave myself away
The wires cross me like a web
Punishment for the days I've fled
They draw tight
Cutting off my sight
Took one last breath
So ends this painful death

Unspoken Benefits (follows Beneficial Suicide)
Beneficial Suicide
Are the only two words that haven't lied
These unspoken benefits are the only consolation
In the horror of my lifes constelation
Take a razor slit the wrist
Can't see my life through this mist
I've never come in first
Never quenched my thirst
Can't take the time to smile
I've been feeling dead for awhile
I'll be going to hell
I'm not feeling very well
I can't face my past
I got to the bottom very fast
I can't get out of the hole
This life takes its toll
Sliding further into my nothing
Savor the process of numbing
This fever is rising
The situation is compromising
The need to destroy becomes overpowering
No longer statying in the corner cowering
I can't stand this face
And I'm losing this race
It ends the way it began
I lost despite all that I ran
Beneficial suicide
Remain the only words that haven't lied

Sweet Friend

Easy to say, tomorrows gonna be a better day
Hard to face, this growing space
Looking back, its hard to see the track
Looking forward, self esteem is lowered
Cant see through this, cant feel the kiss
Wasted time, wasted rhyme
Lost in my pain, lost in this game

Hiding behind a fake smile, been hiding for awhile
Hate the mirror, hate feeling inferior
I am not worth saving, my happiness isnt worth craving

I dont need to worry, death is in no hurry

Wish I could feel a release, Im begging you PLEASE

Dont watch me suffer, dont let me smother

Nevermind, I'll stay behind

I'll break the pieces apart, I'll let them pierce my heart
I've nothing left to lose, I continue to be among the used
Goodbye my sweet friend, I will see you at the end